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Imperfectly Perfect Hearts
Jennifer (Gramma) Moses

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Wildliife Photographer Jim CodaStarting relatively late in life (like Grandma Moses, the painter) Jennifer has been enjoying the creative process through drawing and wire sculpture. Self taught in wireworks, she enjoy the aliveness and evolution of each piece. Though she may have a certain idea brewing, for example, puffy with a door, or with an opening, possibly a certain color scheme; each heart definitely has a mind of its own in terms of shape and size. Since the hearts are “imperfect” she has the freedom to add or delete here and there until a certain balance is achieved. Each heart tells her when it is complete. The end result brings to mind of the lines of a gesture or a blind contour drawing.

Jennifer (Gramma) Moses lives and creates in Sebastopol Ca with her two lively older cats. They are trained with an eye toward the abstract and succeed in undoing Jennifer’s attempts at representational art whenever the opportunity arises. Jennifer also has two adorable grandchildren who live in Petaluma.

These fabulous hearts can be seen at Fabulous Framers 430 Ignacio Blvd Novato, 883-8610 for information.


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